Second Rindge Meetinghouse.

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The Second Rindge Meetinghouse, Horsesheds and Cemetery is a historic meeting house and cemetery on Old US 202 (Main Street) and Rindge Common in Rindge, New Hampshire. The wood frame clapboard building was built in 1796, replacing the town’s first meeting house, which stood on approximately the same site. The building is relatively distinctive in New England as one of few such meeting houses where both civic and religious functions are still accommodated. In 1820 an arrangement was made in which the property is owned by the town, and space is leased to the church congregation.

The town’s first cemetery, established in 1764, lies to the north of the meetinghouse. It is the resting place of many of Rindge’s early settlers, and of its American Revolutionary War veterans. Behind the meetinghouse stand a row of horse sheds, the only one of the two rows of them which originally served the meetinghouse.

The property was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1979.

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